Telemetry Application for Codemasters F1

This telemetry application reads data from Codemasters F1201x games and allows you to e.g. compare different laps.

A general introduction can be found at YouTube.



For install, check the YouTube install video.

You can download this application from or from here:


Here are some screenshots from the application.

Telemetry graphs

You can compare your current lap or an earlier saved lap with the fastest lap or another saved lap.

Many windows opens at the same time.

many screens v8.0

Map with driver names and the speeds

map with names v8.0

Laptime history compared agains leader/winner

race history v8.0

Track position history

track position history v8.0


many screens v8.0

You can compare multiple laps.

telemetry panel v7.0

telemetry panel v6.0

telemetry panel

telemetry panel

telemetry panel zoomed

Map panel with racing lines

You can see the lines, you have taken e.g. during the race and compare them to the fastest lap and the "ideal" racing line.

map panel

And with 6.0 onwards in race you can also see AI/other cars.

map with other cars

You can zoom into the map view to see in detail your driving lines.

telemetry panel

telemetry panel

Race history

See how track positions evolved during the race

Race history panel v7.0

See how laptimes evolved over the race.

telemetry panel zoomed

Race info

In race info panel you can see lot of different information about the laptimes etc.

race info panel

race info panel

race info panel

Driving info

In driving info panel you can different data about driving, like g-forces, gear usage + stats etc.

driving info

Lap comparison

Lap comparison panel, where you can visually compare different laps.

race info panel

Graph panel

Graph panel allows you to analyse data in more detail.

graph panel v7.0

glat vs glon

distance vs steer vs brake